Action Alert: Testify at Board of Regents Meeting

ACTION ALERT: University of Alaska Timber Sale

MONDAY: Provide testimony to the Board of Regents during a statewide audio teleconference. Testimony is limited to 2 minutes. 

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TUESDAY: Written comment is due on May 22nd at 5 PM. 

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Action Alert: University of Alaska Timber Sale

On March 20th the University of Alaska released an alarmingly vague Public Notice that states the following: 

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The University of Alaska received a notification of interest from a bona fide purchaser and will be entering into a 10 - year negotiated sale to harvest timber on the University’s Haines Parcels. The Haines Parcels total approximately 13, 426 acres and are located within the Haines Borough.

Parties interested in commenting on this development and disposal plan must submit written comments to the University of Alaska through its Facilities and Land Management department by fax at (907) 786 - 7733, by email at by no later than 5:00 P.M. on Thursday , April 19 , 2018 to be considered.

There are no details on the buyer or the actual scale of the sale. All that we know is that all of the University's holdings within the Haines Borough are being considered. LCC is actively trying to find more information on the sale and will keep our members updated. 


The Alaska Division of Forestry has released a scoping document that outlines proposed timber harvest and other activities that will occur in the Haines State Forest from 2018 - 2022.

Click here to download the Management Schedule. 

The public can comment on any aspect of this Management Schedule until March 15th, 2018. Comments can be emailed to

Click here to download the Public Notice. 


The Haines State Forest Management Plan was adopted 16 years ago, in 2002, and is therefore outdated. An up-to-date plan is needed before scheduling is done, or in the interim (since an update has not yet been initiated) the scheduling of timber sales should be highly deferential to other resource values.

The need to modify the Management Plan was foreseen by the Division of Forestry: 

"The plan will be updated periodically as new data become available, as shifts in land and resource management emphasis occur, and as
changing social and economic conditions place different demands on public lands.  The Division of Forestry will coordinate periodic
reviews of this plan."


The need for the Five Year Schedule to defer to other resource uses and values exists for several reasons. The need for deferral is
particularly strong because Alaska Fish & Game and the Board of Fish have designated Chilkat River Chinooks a "stock of management
 Moreover, the plight of the Chilkat stock is of such high concern that at its January 2018 meeting the Board of Fish was
compelled to place economically harmful restrictions on all salmon fisheries in Southeast that may catch Chilkat Chinooks.


The schedule should also defer to other resource uses and values, than timber, because social and economic conditions have changed in Haines. It's time to develop a new State Forest Management Plan that places higher value on the needs of tourism, recreation, and small timber operators. Additionally, we have new perceptions and understandings of climate change to consider in resource management. Lynn Canal residents have had many years to observe the Plan in action, and it's time for an update. 

Until the Management Plan is updated a strong precautionary approach is warranted, because logging and its associated road use and road construction have very long-lasting, largely irreversible impacts on other resources and land and water uses.