Baby Brown Timber Sale on hold

In February, LCC appealed the Baby Brown Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) to the Department of Natural Resources. The FLUP only covers the first two of a total ten harvest units in the Baby Brown timber sale. The appeal challenges two aspects of the FLUP. First, the timber sale was put up for bid before the FLUP was completed. Second, the FLUP only covers the first 137 acres of the 855 acre Baby Brown timber sale and therefore the FLUP process is inappropriately occurring in phases instead of completing a FLUP for the entire sale. 

The Department of Natural Resources agrees with LCC’s appeal that the Baby Brown Timber sale was incorrectly put up for bid before a Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) was completed for the entire timber sale. Prior to the timber sale offering, the Division of Forestry had completed a FLUP for only 137 acres of the 855 acre Baby Brown Timber Sale. DNR has cancelled the contract with Astoria Forest Products, an Oregon-based supplier to the export log market, and has directed the Southeast Area Forester to complete a FLUP for the entire 855 acres.

In addition, Commissioner Andrew Mack’s decision states: “This action doesn’t affect the adopted Final Best Interest Finding (FBIF) nor does it apply to future Baby Brown Timber sales pursuant to the FBIF.”

There will be a public comment period when the draft FLUP for the entire sale is available.