Letter to Board of Regents: Haines Timber Sale Capacity and Resources

Lynn Canal Conservation sent a letter to the Board of Regents today to make the following request:

Lynn Canal Conservation requests that the Board of Regents cease the planning process for the Haines timber sale in order to address the capacity issues of its UA Lands Office, and to make use of the many resources within the University for analysis of alternative use of Haines Borough lands.

The capacity of the UA Lands Office has been called into question by their mismanagement of public process for the residents of the Chilkat Valley. Though not necessarily the UA’s intention, many community members have expended significant time and energy attempting to appropriately engage with the University without any satisfying or tangible outcome.

Mismanagement is exemplified by the shifting commitments to a Haines “Action Committee”. The University first offered to create an Action Committee, then sidestepped the responsibility, before finally dismissing any responsibility for the formation of such a group.

Read the letter here.