Executive Director - Jessica Plachta

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Jessica has been swan watching in the Chilkat Valley for the past 15 years, and just recently joined the staff of LCC.  Jessica’s conservation interests include protecting our local rivers from toxic mine waste, supporting local food systems, and developing a landscape-scale sustainability plan for our region. She was born into a tribe of tree planters, and raised on dirt, sun and fireweed. She’s currently working on a book about the years she spent with her tree planting family. In Jessica’s spare time, she likes to jump on the trampoline with her kiddo, gather wild foods, and marvel at lichens.

Communications Coordinator - Alyssa Wallace

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Alyssa is originally from Minnesota, started adventure guiding throughout Alaska in the summer of 2016. Her experience in Alaska has been characterized by an undeniable need to know its lands and waters. Alyssa volunteered for LCC at the Haines State Fair, and found herself wanting to engage more deeply with conservation to fulfill her love for Southeast Alaska and the Chilkat Valley in particular. She believes that the more you know something, the more you'll want to fight for its justice.

Alyssa graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and has since continually found ways to marry her love for communications to her love for the outdoors. She finds great value and importance in sharing the work of LCC to inspire curiosity, big-picture thoughtfulness, and action.

Eric Holle, Board President

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Eric has 21 years in Haines on the LCC board under his belt, including 10 years as President. His skills include: biological fieldwork with numerous species, from desert reptiles, to local fish populations and extensive outdoor experience and knowledge of the Chilkat Valley and Southeast Alaska. Eric is a contract biologist &  musician by trade. Eric feels that LCC's greatest strength is tenacity, and willingness to research issues to gain full understanding of all the facts.

Carol Tuynman, Board Vice-President 

Carol has been an LCC board member since September 2010. Carol has 30 years experience with nonprofit program and proposal development. Carol was inspired to pursue environmental conservation by the practices and teaching of her grandmother, her mother, and her elementary/middle school teachers. She has always found environmental consciousness in her personal life, community, and nationally.Carol believes that LCC's greatest strength is building alliances with other nonprofits and with policy-making agencies by means of persistent and consistent informed advocacy and lobbying to preserve wilderness and marine habitat.

Heidi Robichaud, Board Secretary

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Heidi’s interests are primarily in art, music, human relationships, psychology, ecosystems, communications. She appreciates the value of one on one communications and relationship building with folks and decision makers outside of official meetings. Heidi has a private practice in psychotherapy and continues to create ivory scrimshaw as she has since 1981.  Heidi’s first real community organizing was in Gustavus, Alaska, population about 400,  in the mid 1990s when a developer attempted to get permits to build a 500 bed resort in the wetlands adjoining the recently established Sandhill Crane Sanctuary. This would have had huge impacts on local wetlands and the demographics of the community with no input from locals.  Heidi’s involvement with the conservation community in Glacier Bay informed her of LCCs work and when she moved to Haines it was a natural to be involved.

Scott Carey, Board Treasurer 

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Scotty is the recently retired LCC president who has decidedly set out to put his impeccable number crunching skills to the test.

Stacie Evans, Board Member

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For much of her life Stacie traveled, lived, and worked throughout the west in search of all things wild.  In 2012 she found Haines and never looked back.  Stacie earned her Bachelor's of Science at the University of Montana and has spent nearly every summer in the field since her first job in eight grade.  In the summer she still packs her bags and travels to Alaska's most remote places to collect biological data.  In the winter months she is happy to backcountry ski, play ping-pong and help LCC protect this amazing valley that she calls home.

George Figdor, Board Member 

George got his intro to life on the Streets of Philly but has been a Haines resident since 1972 and joined LCC within 30 days of first stepping off the ferry in Haines and seeing the smoke from the mill filling the inlet. George has been a member for the past 10 years & was president in the late 70's. George has degree in communications but more importantly, a University of Alaska Master Gardener Certificate. George is interested in energy and sustainability issues, local food production, land use planning, and quiet rights issues. George is a serious photographer and kayaker. He enjoys doing kayaking photography. He especially likes growing food, building wind and solar power systems, and most of all...making flyers for nonprofits!

Jo Goerner, Board Member

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Jo moved to Haines in 2017 after falling in love with the community through several seasons of tourism work. Jo runs a bookstore on the main street of Haines, is a musician, a swim coach, and a radio station volunteer. Jo recently took an environmental rhetoric course with Dan Henry and is interested in listening and conversing with community members of all perspectives. This winter Jo will be an apprentice luthier with Rob Goldberg.

Mario Benassi, Board Member

Mario works with the youth, empowering them to care about the magic of the Chilkat Valley. A raptor expert, master chef, father, and film-maker who speaks for the animals.

Cary Weishan, Board Member 

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Cary's husband, first daughter, and she moved to Haines in 1981. They subsequently had another daughter and raised their family here. She has been an LCC board member since 2005 and served as Secretary from 2005-2009. After receiving a B.A. from the University of Redlands (English major) she earned an M.A. in Special Education from San Diego State University. Cary holds a current Alaska teacher certificate, K-8, with Special Education endorsement. Cary is especially concerned about taking care of this planet we call home. Having grown up in Santa Monica, California, she witnessed increasing air pollution from the Los Angeles basin to San Diego. Knowing how much damage has already been done in the lower 48 states, she is committed to protecting Alaska’s clean air, water, and soil.

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